Decisive is a global fund for Australian investors. We focus on global companies such as consumer brands and technology to give you exposure to growth industries while diversifying your portfolio away from just banking and resources.

The Australian stockmarket lacks the consumer brands and technology we use everyday. The technology sector in Australia is non-existent at less than 1% of the ASX200. Australia has one of the highest smartphone penetration rates in the world and most have experienced buying online yet our portfolios are not not benefiting from these opportunities. Australia also has little exposure to consumer brands and the rise of the emerging market consumer.

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From an industry view the local sharemarket is highly concentrated in dirt and debt otherwise known as resources and banking. We believe investors should be focused on the next stage of emerging market development, consumption. Emerging market incomes are at levels where they can begin to afford consumer brands.

Decisive gives Australian investors exposure to trends in technology and consumer brands that we see around us everyday. As consumers the majority of products and services we use are foreign owned. Our goal at Decisive is to expose you to companies like Visa, Google and Disney so that you will benefit from what you see everyday as a consumer as an investor as well. You will benefit from everyday trends such as increased mobile usage, e-commerce, electronic payments and the rise of the emerging market consumer.

Prior to establishing Decisive Jason worked at Platypus Asset Management as an equity analyst. Jason was responsible for initiating and modelling investment ideas for the technology and discretionary retail sectors for its over $1 billion flagship fund. Jason began his career at KPMG as an accountant where he attained membership of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. In addition Jason has experienced the benefits of technology online at gemrockauctions.com. Where he helped transition the family wholesale business to an online auction site receiving 5,000 hits a day. Jason has also earned the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and has completed a Diploma of Financial Markets from Finsia.


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Why Seperately Managed Accounts (SMA)?

Seperately Managed Accounts allow you to have direct ownership of shares in your name while having the benefit of professional management.  This structure offers better tax efficiency and transparency than pooled vehicles like trusts.


At Decisive we seek the right to trade on behalf of our customer accounts and do not handle cash or securities directly. We believe our clients should be happy to have full access and transparency to their accounts kept through reputable third party custodians or prime brokers.

Decisive uses Interactive Brokers as a custodian though customer accounts may choose custodians of their own choice.

The material in this website is for informational purposes only. The material has been prepared without regard to any client’s or other person’s investment objectives. Before making an investment decision you should consider the assistance of a financial adviser and whether any investment or service is appropriate in light of your particular investment needs, objectives and financial circumstances.



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